Medical Code

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What are the medical Billing Codes used in Private Practice?

There are two coding systems in common use in Private Practice.

The first is the CCSD coding system. It is owned and managed by a group of insurance companies who regularly update the codes. Click on to find out more.

The second is for NHS work performed in a Private Hospital. It is the HRG coding system, and is usually administered by the Hospitals themselves.

Why do I need to know about CCSD codes?

These are the codes used most widely by the UK private medical healthcare industry. Without them, your invoices will probably be rejected by most of the major insurance companies as the insurance companies link codes to remuneration rates. Without the procedure code(s) we are unable to raise an invoice as we are not medically trained.

For self funding patients, the CCSD codes are used by the Private Hospitals when you perform a procedure.

I am a newly registering Consultant, when will I need to find out about these codes?

You will need to tell BUPA about all the CCSD codes, including diagnostic tests, that you are likely to perform when you register with them.

If you do not, then BUPA may not authorise the patient’s treatment.

You will also need the CCSD codes when you begin your clinics, as your patients need codes to authorise their treatment.

The hospital will also require a CCSD code for every outpatient test or procedure..

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