Medical Marketing

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What does marketing mean for Consultants?

Marketing is about putting your name in front of your potential customers, the patients.

For Medical Consultants it usually means the process of selling their services, knowledge of how to advertise their practice, study of how to give their practice a brand that patients will recognize quickly and much more.

Marketing for Medical Consultants is about building relationships with their patients.

How do I market myself?

You will need to develop a strategy to ensure that your name appears as a primary choice for the potential patients.

It may also extend to solicitors if you are planning to undertake Medico-Legal work.

An important route to your potential patients is through GPs. The hospital may help you organise GP talks and introductions. They may also organise evenings where patients can come and ask you questions about potential treatment.

You may wish to consider other innovative approaches.

There are a number of specialist Marketing Companies, but they vary enormously in the work that they do, so you would need to investigate them yourself.

How do I get more BUPA referrals?

As you may be aware, BUPA now include a decision for selecting which three consultants they offer to members on the ‘Open Referral’ product. BUPA do not  disclose how they make that decision.

Are you also aware that the order in which consultants appear on the BUPA finder website,,  which can be searched  by patients directly, is influenced by the information that is contained in your personal entry.

Again Bupa do not disclose how the list is sorted, but you can amend your entry to boost your position.


If you haven’t already, I recommend that you visit the Bupa website, key in your speciality and hospital postcode and then see where you appear in their list.

If you are not at or near the top, you could be missing out on referrals and I suggest that you examine what your competitors have put that gets them up there.

If you are not even on the first page, you almost certainly are missing out on referrals.


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