Practice Management Tools

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I understand that I will need some software to support my practice. What can you tell me about that?

Before you select software, make sure that you have list of what you need from the software, alongside what you need from your practice as a whole.

Define the requirements which you absolutely must have, and those that would be very helpful.

Also you will need to have some knowledge of the processes that wrap around the software, so that when you implement it, you or your secretary know how to get the maximum benefit from it.

There are a number of suppliers, and what they deliver varies.

These are the common ones in use, we are unable to provide an opinion on them, as we have not used them all.

  • Midex Pro
  • DGL’s Practice Manager
  • PPM
  • Med+dbase
  • Emma
  • Healthcode

This list is not exhaustive, but do be cautious of overseas software, in particular American software, as it may not link electronically for British Insurers, and this is a requirement if you have registered since 2010, or have been accepted on Bupa’s Fee Assured Status.

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