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Starting up in private practice:

A medical specialist starting in Private Practice needs the following:

  • To be entered on the GMC Specialist Register for their relevant discipline.
  • Have MDU cover or equivalent for their private practice.
  • To have obtained admitting rights to at least one private clinic or hospital.
  • To ensure that provider recognition is obtained with Insurance companies. The major insurance companies will not issue their members with authorisation to see a Consultant until the Consultant has been granted recognition with them. Many of these companies now require the relevant forms to be completed online.

Registering with insurance companies:

This is the list of insurance companies that we use, we hope you find it useful!

Insurance Company Application
Allianz Apply by Post.
Aviva Download application form.
Axa PPP Online application.
Bupa Online application, see ‘Bupa Recognition Application Guidelines’ below for more information.
Bupa International Apply by Email.
Cigna Download application form.
CS Healthcare Download application form.
EMR Rubicon Health Apply by Post.
Exeter Friendly Online application.
Groupama Apply by Post.
Healix Apply by Email.
Health Now Apply by Post.
Medios Apply by Post.
Permanent Health Co. Apply by Post.
Pruhealth Download application form.
Simply Health (HCA, BCWA, Medisure and Remedi) Online application.
WPA Online Application.

Bupa Recognition Application Guidelines:

Please download and read the following document for the guidelines we provide to our new specialists for some help in registering with Bupa.

Bupa Recognition Application Guidelines

What is a CCSD code?

A CCSD code is typically a 5 character coding system managed by a company co-owned by a number of insurance companies These codes are designed to explicitly define procedures performed in private medical practice and avoid ambiguity e.g. W9040: Injection(s) into joint(s) without X-ray control.

The CCSD group does not determine remuneration rates, this is a matter for individual insurance companies.

For more information, visit the CCSD website

Am I charging the most appropriate CCSD code?

Visit the CCSD website if you do not know the most appropriate code. We would recommend that you regularly check procedures and descriptions, before billing, as these sometimes change.

You may find it useful to contact your patient’s insurance company to agree the correct code and remuneration rate in advance.

I am setting up in Private Practice, how should I determine the payment terms for my patients?

The standard terms are 30 days, but you find agreements with some parties, in particular Medico-Legal work, have greatly extended terms.

Where possible, it is good practice to inform patients of your charges and standard terms before the patient comes to see you. This minimises challenges later on.

HytheHopes recommends that you publish your fees on your website as far as possible.

How often should I chase outstanding invoices?

If you follow good practice, then you will already have advised patients of your charges and standard terms before the patient comes to see you. This minimises challenges later on.

You can determine the frequency of chasing, but it should not begin until the standard terms period has ended.

The more frequently that you chase unpaid amounts, the more administration support you will require, although it will result in more payments. You have to determine what balance suits you.

It can also depend on your speciality and the agreed terms. We would be happy to give you some free advice if you want to CALL US on 01702 382316.