What is your biggest headache in your Private Practice?

Frustrated because you do not get paid in full for the work you do?

If you are a UK Medical Professional in Private Practice and you are frustrated because you don’t always get paid for the work that you do, then we can offer you our Guaranteed 100% Paid in Full service where we can Guarantee you getting your money. To find out more detail, Click here for our 100% Guaranteed PAID IN FULL service.

Too much involvement or too much hassle in your Billing & Collection arrangement?

If you find that you are getting too involved with your Private Practice Billing & Collection and you want your time back, then we can solve this problem with our personalised, hassle free, friendly, Medical Billing & Collection service with typical collection rates of 99.75%. To find out more, choose our Premier service.

Do you just need some free, friendly help and advice about Private Practice?

Whether you are a Medical Professional, Secretary or Practice Manager, if you have a problem with, or a question about, your Private Practice, then please click on our Free Help & Advice pages, where we have documented some of the knowledge that we have gained since 1999.

Alternatively email your question to us at helpandadvice@hythehopes.co.uk.

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