How We Help Your Group

HytheHopes Ltd. offers your Group a personalised, hassle-free medical billing and collection service – guaranteed!!

You can be assured that we understand the benefit of operating as a Group practice, such as sharing costs, increased support and increased earning potential. Your Group experiences support from us.

You can be assured that because we have experience of Groups that begin, change and grow, we know how to support you and your invoicing, as you and your practice evolve.

You are guaranteed to remain in control of your medical practice because we can supply you with the information you require in a timely manner.

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Further Benefits:

  • Prepare figures for your accountant, for ease of proportional distribution of profits against cost.
  • Prepare regular statement of earnings for both the individuals and the group.
  • Liaise with your accountant regarding end of year accounts.
  • Release the practice manager from recruiting and managing staff, so they can concentrate on you as the specialists and your patient’s needs.
  • Split involvement between group and individual practice where the differentiation is by location.

Your Group experience this because we guarantee a team that cares.

CALL US NOW on 01702 382316 to find out how we can help your Group.