Are you trying to recover old outstanding medical invoices?

Do you have a large amount of Invoices that have not been collected, leaving you wondering how you will ever be able to reclaim the outstanding money that is rightfully owed to you for the hard work that you have carried out?


Hythehopes Medical Invoicing & Collection Specialists are pleased to announce that we can offer your practice a solution to outstanding debt that is over 3 months old including outstanding Embassy invoices. This is an additional service to our Invoicing & Collection solution.


We have been established since 1999 and have developed the skills and experience to ensure that your practice has the very best support.  This service is aimed to run alongside your existing solution for billing and collection and focus on the older outstanding amounts. We aim to remove the stress and the embarrassing payment conversations so that you can concentrate on what is important to you – Patient Care and growing your practice whilst ensuring your efforts are profitable.


You are assured that Hythehopes are committed to removing the challenges from your Private Practice in a caring and professional manner.


The sooner we start collection on your behalf, the sooner you will receive your money – Why Wait?

Contact our Debt Solutions Team on 01702 382323 or email for further details.