Firstly, may we offer our congratulations on your appointment.

Secondly, before you can register with an insurance company, you need to acquire some practising rights, so determine at which Private Hospitals you wish to practice.

Some criteria that you may wish to consider when assessing the Hospital.

  • The distance between your home and the Hospital, relevant if you need to make emergency visits
  • The number of other Consultants who are from the same specialty as you, how much competition is there, and do you have any advantage over them, or do you have a niche
  • Is the hospital in your catchment area, will the GPs and patient know about you and your skills
  • What facilities does the Hospital provide for your specialty, do they provide or will you be supplement their facilities with your own

Apply for admission rights, at a minimum of one Hospital, as soon as possible, this may take several weeks to approve and will be the limiting factor on when you can start seeing patients.