Dev G Lall – The Private Practice Expert

Big shout out to Sue Grant from HytheHopes Limited. Occasionally I send consultants their way and today completely out of the blue Sue dropped me an email saying she wanted to send me a gift as a “thank you”. They have very generously agreed instead to make a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support instead. Top girl, top company. Anyone in any business – or Private Practice! – could do this, but almost no-one ever does. If you’re looking for help with your practice billing, you could do a lot worse then get in touch with Sue at HytheHopes. PS I get no commission for sending consultant colleagues their way. It’s just that I speak with a LOT of consultants about private practice and everyone that has used their services has always been very complimentary, hence the recommendation. There’s nothing in it for me.

Consultant Dermatologist

HytheHopes has excellent customer service with a rapid response to any of my queries. All the staff are very friendly and make even the most difficult situations less stressful.

Dr Naomi Goldstraw – Dermatologist

I have worked with HytheHopes right from the beginning of starting private practice. They have been great in helping me set up my practice and guiding me through registering with healthcare companies. If I have any queries I just pick up the phone and they always answer and bend over backwards to help me. All my billing has been accurate and stress free. Can’t recommend them more highly.

Dr Robert Ede

HytheHopes sorted out historical debtors and continue to remind monthly with results. Removes debt collection from report preparation

Cathie Pavid – Secretary

Everyone I have dealings with in the billing team, receipting team and collections team are always helpful, professional and efficient.

Dr Raeburn Forbes – Neurologist

As a new consultant to private practice, collecting fees was really difficult. After setting up with HytheHopes my practice was transformed, as I’m removed from the process but completely in control. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Dr David Paige – Dermatologist

Thanks Hythehopes for their continued efficiency and professionalism in doing my medical billing

You recently managed to recoup some unpaid invoices from over 1 year ago.  Most importantly this has been done without upsetting my patients. Thanks again

Dr Guy Dabrera – Rheumatologist

Thank you very much for your support throughout the last several years which contributed immensely to the smooth running of the business.