Dr Gayatri Chakrabarty – Gastroenterologist

I was quite scared of the whole process of Billing myself and finding the time to do it. I am so happy that I have Hythehopes to do this for me they are very helpful and quickly respond to any queries or questions I have.

Dr Karan Kapoor – ENT: Head & Neck Surgeon

The most important factor when working with a team who are remote is communication. The team at Hythehopes are wonderful, every time I call, I feel I not only speaking to a member of my team but a friend.

They really go the extra mile, take time to not just give to an answer but tailor it to your practice.

The differentiator in this sector is quality and a personal service: Hythehopes stand out for all the right reasons.

Dr Gerald Coakley – Rheumatologist

“I heard about Hythehopes from a colleague a few years ago, and he was full of praise. It took me some time to make the move, but the opportunity arose to restructure my whole practice and so I moved billing away from my secretary and into Hythehopes.

The changeover process was smoothly handled, and Hythehopes were able to identify a series of errors in previous billing which had left thousands of pounds-worth of aged dates unpaid, and they were able to recover. They have modernised my billing to make credit card payments available to patients, and take care of all my medicolegal billing too. I have much greater confidence than I had before that my invoicing is done effectively, and my secretary is happy too.”

Dr Alan Watson – Gastroenterologist

“I have used Hythehopes for several years. It has quite honestly changed my life. Billing is done efficiently and effectively, with careful and close collaboration with the insurance companies and my secretary. Late payments are dealt with appropriately and robustly. I now have the time to dedicate to my own practice without having to chase invoices or get bogged down in billing queries. A great service.”

Miss Elizabeth Ball – Gynaecology

I am happy because I can dedicate the full time of the consultation to the clinical needs of my patients and the billing is completely taken out if the equation and dealt with expertly by HytheHopes.

Mr Luke Herbert – Ophthalmology

“HytheHopes make billing easy for me. I particularly like the fact that all my figures are collated in one place, and I wish I switched to using them sooner.”

Mr Neil Rothnie – General Surgery

“A first class service. Worth every penny. It has saved me thousands of pounds in recovery of unpaid bills. I used to spend hours every weekend doing the billing for my practice. Thank you from my wife and family.” 

Mr Paul Allen – Orthopaedic

“HytheHopes provide an efficient and professional service. Fee collection is efficient and rapid, information is provided that is relevant and accurate. Choosing to move my billing to HytheHopes was an excellent decision and I wish I had done so sooner.” 

Dr. Gary Mackenzie – Gastroenterology

“After being recommend by a senior colleague HytheHopes have not disappointed in any way. Their efficient service has been of massive importance, particularly removing much of the stress, in setting up private practice.”