Do you want to be Guaranteed 100% paid in full for the work that you do?

Are you a UK Medical Professional in Private Practice and frustrated because you are not getting paid for the work you do, then our Guaranteed 100% paid in full service is for you.

It is simple, you give us the details of who you have seen, and we GUARANTEE that you get paid.

How it works

  •  You supply us with details of who you have treated, what you have done and who is responsible for payment.
  • We raise the invoice and collect the money on your behalf.
  • If the invoice remains unpaid after 12 months (terms and conditions apply), we pay you the amount outstanding, GUARANTEED, which results in **zero write-offs**

And all times, you receive a high quality, friendly, personalised billing and collection service.

CALL US NOW on 01702 382323 to find out how to sign up.