Do you want to be Guaranteed 100% paid in full for the work that you do?

Are you a UK Medical Professional in Private Practice and frustrated because you are not getting paid for the work you do, then our ZERO WRITE OFF service is for you.

It is simple, you give us the details of who you have seen, and we GUARANTEE that you get paid.

How it works

  • You supply us with details of who you have treated, what you have done and who is responsible for payment.
  • We raise the invoice and collect the money on your behalf.
  • If the invoice remains unpaid after 12 months (terms and conditions apply), we pay you the amount outstanding, GUARANTEED, which results in ZERO WRITE OFFS

And at all times, you receive a high quality, friendly, personalised billing and collection service.

Here’s what one of our Consultants says about this service…

“I never regretted moving all the stress and inconvenience of invoicing to Hythehopes almost 10 years ago.  Their efficient and friendly service means I can focus on my professional responsibilities. The small amount extra for the 100% guaranteed service is worth it as I know that all invoices will be honoured.  This makes financial planning for my practice much easier. As a neurologist ….it’s a no-brainer.”

Dr R Forbes – Consultant Neurologist

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