Experiencing too much hassle with your current Billing & Collection?

Are you experiencing too much involvement or too much hassle in your Billing & Collection arrangement?

Sign up to our Premier service and,

You will enjoy typical collection rates of 99.5%.

You will experience a service that we have been providing to many satisfied Consultants since 1999.

You are guaranteed to receive an invoicing service that has been personalised to your practice and needs, because we begin with a one-to-one meeting with you where we listen to what you want.

You are guaranteed to have “peace of mind” and “confidence” because fully trained experts will carry out the billing and collection function of your private practice.

You are guaranteed to have access to our knowledge at a time convenient to you during our normal working hours, because our office is manned regardless of staff holidays or sickness.

You are guaranteed to experience less hassle in your private practice because we:

  • Manage the changeover process for established consultants.
  • Support the registration of new consultants with the insurance companies.
  • Handle all calls to and from the insurance companies regarding payment queries.
  • Manage changes, such as address and bank accounts.
  • Monitor insurance company fee schedules.
  • Separate the clinical side of your practice from the financial.
  • Deposit your cheques at the bank each week.
  • Prepare figures for your accountant.
  • Liaise with your accountant regarding end of year accounts.
  • Release you from recruiting and managing staff.
  • Collect shortfalls and excesses.
  • Track outstanding invoices.

You experience this because we guarantee a team that cares.

For all these benefits and more, CALL US NOW on 01702 382323 to sign up.