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Are you trying to recover old outstanding invoices?

Are you a Consultant, Clinic or Hospital losing thousands of pounds in uncollected fees?

Hythehopes can help…

To find out more detail, Click here for our Debt Solutions service.

Frustrated because you do not get paid in full for the work you do?

If you are a UK Medical Professional in Private Practice and you are frustrated because you don’t always get paid for the work that you do, then we can offer you our Guaranteed 100% Paid in Full service where we can Guarantee you getting your money. To find out more detail, Click here for our ZERO WRITE OFF service.

Too much involvement or too much hassle in your Billing & Collection arrangement?

If you find that you are getting too involved with your Private Practice Billing & Collection and you want your time back, then we can solve this problem with our personalised, hassle free, friendly, Medical Billing & Collection service with typical collection rates of 99.87%. To find out more, choose our Premier service.

Do you just need some free, friendly help and advice about Private Practice?

Whether you are a Medical Professional, Secretary or Practice Manager, if you have a problem with, or a question about, your Private Practice, then please click on our Free Help & Advice pages, where we have documented some of the knowledge that we have gained since 1999.

Alternatively email your question to us at helpandadvice@hythehopes.co.uk.

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