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The UK Medical Professional’s choice for Invoicing & Collection

Our Services

Do you just need some free, friendly help and advice about Private Practice?2022-03-17T18:03:35+00:00

Whether you are a Medical Professional, Secretary or Practice Manager, if you have a problem with, or a question about, your Private Practice, then please click on our Free Help & Advice pages, where we have documented some of the knowledge that we have gained since 1999.

Alternatively email your question to us at

Too much involvement or too much hassle in your Billing & Collection arrangement?2022-06-21T09:45:56+01:00

If you find that you are getting too involved with your Private Practice Billing & Collection and you want your time back, then we can solve this problem with our personalised, hassle free, friendly, Medical Billing & Collection service with typical collection rates of 99.87%. To find out more, choose our Premier service.

Frustrated because you do not get paid in full for the work you do?2022-03-04T14:35:24+00:00

If you are a UK Medical Professional in Private Practice and you are frustrated because you don’t always get paid for the work that you do, then we can offer you our Guaranteed 100% Paid in Full service where we can Guarantee you getting your money. To find out more detail, Click here for our ZERO WRITE OFF service.

Are you trying to recover old outstanding invoices?2022-03-04T14:39:34+00:00

Are you a Consultant, Clinic or Hospital losing thousands of pounds in uncollected fees?

Hythehopes can help…

To find out more detail, click here for our Debt Solutions service.

What our Consultants say about us

We have instructed Hythehopes for some time now and we are very happy; it’s a relief to hand over the job of medical billing for 132 Harley Street Clinic to them.

They have proved themselves to be very helpful with any queries. Their acknowledgment of receipt of billing is very useful for cross-checking, too.

The speed with which they respond to requests for reports is excellent and they always include all necessary detail which is essential.

132 Harley Street Clinic

I have used Hythehopes for many years and it has been nice to forget about the billing side of my practice.

They are very quick to deal with any queries I may have and when I send my billing in they rapidly respond to advise they have received it.

My bad debt was taken down to zero and it has freed up both mine and my secretaries time not having to have awkward conversations with patients about money.

Mr Michael Lamparelli, General & Colorectal Surgeon

I have worked with Hythehopes for over 10 years and their services are easy to use, responsive, friendly, and first-rate with virtual no written-off debt.

Dr Gary Mackenzie, Consultant Gastroenterologist

Couldn’t be more impressed.

Your team have been fantastic and very patient with the multiple naïve questions from someone just starting up in the world of private medicine.

Dr Susi Green, Consultant Gastroenterologist

Thank you, I can’t believe we only have £900 over 3 months’ debt, that’s amazing well done.

I can’t believe where we were 2 years ago to where we are now, it’s amazing.

You and your team have done a great job, thank you.

Centennial Medical Care

Big shout out to Sue Grant from HytheHopes Limited. Occasionally I send consultants their way and today completely out of the blue Sue dropped me an email saying she wanted to send me a gift as a “thank you”. They have very generously agreed instead to make a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support instead. Top girl, top company. Anyone in any business – or Private Practice! – could do this, but almost no one ever does. If you’re looking for help with your practice billing, you could do a lot worse than getting in touch with Sue at HytheHopes. PS I get no commission for sending consultant colleagues their way. It’s just that I speak with a LOT of consultants about private practice and everyone that has used their services has always been very complimentary, hence the recommendation. There’s nothing in it for me.

HytheHopes has excellent customer service with a rapid response to any of my queries. All the staff are very friendly and make even the most difficult situations less stressful.

Consultant Dermatologist

I have worked with HytheHopes right from the beginning of starting a private practice. They have been great in helping me set up my practice and guiding me through registering with healthcare companies. If I have any queries I just pick up the phone and they always answer and bend over backward to help me. All my billing has been accurate and stress-free. Can’t recommend them more highly.

Dr Naomi Goldstraw, Dermatologist

HytheHopes have provided me with a high quality service. They have improved the efficiency of my practice allowing me to focus on my clinical work.

Dr Jonathan Reed, Clinical Psychologist

HytheHopes sorted out historical debtors and continues to remind monthly with results. Removes debt collection from report preparation

Dr Robert Ede


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